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A Christmas Story

The Making Of...

Adapting the celebrated classic "A christmas Carroll" by Charles Dickens to Bogota, Colombia in the 1940's,  Evaristo tells the story of an old wealthy man who detests christmas. After recieving a warning from his desceased partner, 3 spirits take him on a journey of self discovery and forgivness.  

Original idea: Monica Piñeros - Director: Diego León Hoyos & Bernardo García- Production & Costume design: Monica Piñeros - Musical director, composer, narrator & voice over: Alejandro Gómez Garzón - Staging: Monica Piñeros, Alejandro Goméz Garzón, Bernardo García & Paola Ramirez - Actors: Monica Piñeros, Alejandro Goméz Garzón, Bernardo García, Paola Ramirez & Diego León Hoyos - Producer: MinCultura & The Colón Theater

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